Mark Ingram wearing Russell Athletic CarbonTek Shoulder Pads
Pierre Garcon wearing Russell Athletic CarbonTek Shoulder Pads

A name recognized for innovation in team sports equipment and apparel, Russell Athletic is proud to introduce a new football shoulder pad system imagined, engineered and designed in conjunction with elite Division I equipment managers, training staffs and kinesiology labs.

Leaning on the expertise of automotive and aerospace engineers, experts in designing strong, yet lightweight materials built to manage energy in high speed collisions, Russell Athletic developed a revolutionary padding system and exoskeleton to outperform the competition.

At the core of the CarbonTek with OS Technology shoulder pad system are two revolutionary materials. The OS Technology foam compression vest performs better than standard EVA foam and the design allows for maximum range of motion. The 100% carbon fiber exoskeleton contributes to a 10% reduction in weight while still providing superior impact management. Both combine to provide a unique advantage allowing the athlete to perform at the highest level.

  • Investigate the Innovation

    Our new CarbonTek Shoulder Pad System gives you 360° of unparalleled protection, performance and comfort. Click the hotspots to learn more about our groundbreaking technology.

  • Military Grade Buckle System CarbonTek Buckle

    Provides a secure fit without adding unnecessary bulk.

  • OS Technology CarbonTek Foam

    Automotive grade foam performs 20% better than standard EVA foam and can be used without exoskeleton for non-contact days.

  • Exoskeleton Carbon Fiber Up Close

    The lightweight exoskeleton is constructed of 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber which boasts significantly better impact management than current ABS plastic and is molded specifically to fit the athletes’s body.

  • CarbonTek Vest
    Compresion Vest Text

    Holds the padding close to the body for maximum range of motion, features odor management technology and is machine washable.


  • With the CarbonTek system, I immediately felt a lot more explosive. It does an excellent job taking away the bulk and gives me a lot more range of motion. I love how the OS Technology vest fits, it’s very snug and light. I also didn’t feel much of the impact when I had big collisions, it doesn’t jeopardize protection and still helps me maintain the speed I need to perform at my best. I look forward to taking these pads to the next level throughout the 2014 NFL season.

    Mark Ingram

    NFL Running Back

  • As a long time head football coach, I have seen football shoulder pads transform over the years. I am a big believer in staying ahead of the curve and doing anything I can to make sure my players have the best shoulder pads possible. Russell Athletic has been a great partner in helping take care of my players and going the extra mile to make sure everyone is comfortable with their protective shoulder pad. Russell’s new OS Technology used in the new CarbonTek shoulder pads and other products takes football science to a whole new level. It gives me the confidence to look a recruit in the eye and tell him that I am doing everything I can keep him safe.

    Tommy Tuberville

    Head Football Coach

    University of Cincinnati

  • The pads were amazing. I separated my shoulder and conveniently your staff came through with the pads the very next day. I was able to have them for the following game and wore them for the next 4 games. I played quarterback but my main duties were running the football so the pads came in handy. I never had a problem the rest of the season and was able to play without a fear of further injury.

    Jordan Luallen

    Former Quarterback

    University of Cincinnati

  • The Russell Athletic CarbonTek Shoulder Pad System has revolutionized the way we protect our student-athletes at Auburn. It is light weight and allows excellent shoulder mobility without giving up shoulder protection. The under padding stays in place and moves with the shoulder giving constant protection without interfering with performance. The pad is anti-microbial and easily laundered. In the event of injury, the system can be left in place and X-rays obtained allowing good anatomical viewing.

    Clark Pearson

    Head Football Athletic Trainer

    Auburn University

  • I grew up using the average football shoulder pad from the age of 5 until I played in college. I always wondered why there wasn't a better product. After using the CarbonTek shoulder pad I realized that this was the product I was looking for. The light weight of the pad that forms to your body and allows you to move fluidly without restriction is what makes this product second to none.

    Jake Holland

    Former Linebacker

    Auburn University

  • The Russell Athletic CarbonTek shoulder pad system provided excellent protection to our student-athletes this past season, and proved to be efficient in mobility and force absorption with our injured athletes. The two-part system was both comfortable and flexible and did not impede our athlete's performance.

    Bob Mangine

    Associate AD Sports Medicine - University of Cincinatti

    Director of Sports Physical Therapy Residency - NovaCare Rehabilitation

  • The CarbonTek pad is the best out there. I felt like I wasn't wearing anything because it's form fitting and really lightweight. But it didn’t keep me from feeling protected as I was able to take many punishing hits.

    Brendon Kay

    Former Quarterback

    University of Cincinnati

    Shoulder Pad Systems:

  • Style Number: X01PSCC

    CarbonTek Shoulder Pad System -
    Exoskeleton & Vest


    Designed for all positions

    Size: S-3XL

  • Style Number: X00PVCC

    CarbonTek OS Technology Compression Vest


    Designed to fit under all versions of the CarbonTek Shoulder Pad Exoskeleton

    Available option to extend body length by 1", 2", 4", and 6"

    Size: S-3XL

  • Style Number: A01PSMK

    CarbonTek Kick Plate


    Attaches to all CarbonTek styles & sizes

  • Accessories:

  • Style Number: X99SKMK

    CarbonTek Hardware Replacement Kit

    Includes 12 T-Nuts, 12 Screws, and 12 Washers

  • Style Number: X99BBMK

    CarbonTek Buckle Replacement Kit

    Includes 6 buckles

  • Style Number: X99BSMK

    CarbonTek Strap Replacement Kit

    Includes 6 left and 6 right straps

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