CarbonTek™ Power

Built for Power

A name recognized for innovation in team sports equipment and apparel, Russell Athletic is proud to introduce a new football shoulder pad system imagined, engineered and designed in conjunction with elite Division I equipment managers, training staffs and kinesiology labs.

CarbonTek™ Speed

Designed for Speed

Leaning on the expertise of automotive and aerospace engineers, experts in designing strong, yet lightweight materials built to manage energy in high speed collisions, Russell Athletic developed a revolutionary padding system and exoskeleton to outperform the competition.

CarbonTek™ Performance

Engineered for Performance

At the core of the CarbonTek shoulder pad system are two revolutionary materials: The OS Technology foam compression vest and the 100% carbon fiber exoskeleton. Both combine to provide a unique advantage allowing the athlete to perform at the highest level.

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Take a Spin With Total Protection

360° view of Carbon Tek Football Shoulder Pads
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CarbonTek™ Compression vest made up of high performance automotive grade foam

OS Technology Compression Vest

The inner compression vest is made of automotive grade foam which performs 20% better than standard EVA foam and can be used without the exoskeleton for non-contact days. The design holds the padding close to the body for maximum range of motion, features odor management technology, and is machine washable.

CarbonTek™ Exoskeleton made of 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber material

High Performance Carbon Fiber Exoskeleton

The lightweight CarbonTek exoskeleton is constructed of 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber which boasts significantly better impact management than current ABS plastic and is molded specifically to fit the athletes’s body. This power layer contributes to a 10% reduction in weight while still providing superior impact management.

Close up image of the Military grade buckle system on the CarbonTek™ Shoulder Pads

Military Grade
Buckle System

The CarbonTek exoskeleton uses a military grade buckle system specifically designed for a solid and secure fit with no unnecessary bulk making the shoulder pads perform better, longer, without slowing you down.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Read the Tesimonials of Our Players, Coaches and Staff Who are Wearing CarbonTek.

See the Power of CarbonTek for Yourself

CarbonTek Systems:

Shoulder Pad System - Exoskeleton & Vest

Style Number: X01PSCC


  • Designed for all positions
  • Size: S-3XL

OS Technology Compression Vest

Style Number: X00PVCC


  • Designed to fit under all versions of the CarbonTek Shoulder Pad Exoskeleton
  • Available option to extend body length by 1", 2", 4", and 6"
  • Size: S-3XL

Kick Plate

Style Number: A01PSMK


  • Attaches to all CarbonTek styles & sizes
Football player wearing Russell Athletic® CarbonTek™ Shoulder Pad system compression vest

CarbonTek Accessories:

CarbonTek Hardware Replacement Kit

Style Number: X99SKMK
  • Includes 12 T-Nuts, 12 Screws, and 12 Washers

CarbonTek Buckle Replacement Kit

Style Number: X99BBMK
  • Includes 6 buckles

CarbonTek Strap Replacement Kit

Style Number: X99BSMK
  • Includes 6 left and 6 right straps
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